Breakfast treat!

Had breakfast at an eatery just now, and the cashier counter was about a few meters directly in front of my table. 

A slender-built lady, seemingly in her early-30s accidentally dropped her change while making payment. Instinctively she bent forward to retrieve her coins; her dress opened up at the front, her bra opened up.. and viola, NIPPLE!

Brown nipple, quite sizable too, though her breasts probably B-cup at most, which explains why her nipple got exposed so easily. 

The lady was not bad-looking too, despite in her early-thirties. Been a long time since I saw a accidental nipple! 😍

6 thoughts on “Breakfast treat!

  1. I have also seen nipples of middle aged women. Those I have seen are usually big and brown. All those years of sucking and maybe breastfeeding can enlarge the nipple size.

    There was this particular Shanghainese middle aged lady whom I really enjoyed peeping: her dark brown nipples were long and protuding, although her boobs were still firm. Probably a result of too much sucking and pulling by her partner. She stayed above my floor and I sometimes lend a helping hand in her gardening. The best compliment is, she wears no bra during gardening 🙂

    Seen any red or pink nipples so far?

    • No bra during gardening?? That must have translated to ALOT of nipples views. No wonder someone has been so helpful.. Lol
      So what’s her boobs size?

      yup, women nipples will turn large and brown as their body changes to prep for breastfeeding of babies.

      I haven’t come across red or pink nipples so far. I think these are really scare. Anyway, I personally don’t have a strong preference in color 🙂

      • Yes, very obviously a couple of nipple sightings 🙂 She is size 34, I guess. The clearest one was when she was wearing a sleeveless floral tee, sitting on the wooden stool, slighty bending over. I was standing up. I can imprint the shape of her nipple in my memory until today 🙂

        The very first time I peeped at her, she actually caught me staring. I looked away, but from the corner of my eye, I knew she was still looking at me. For what reason, I don’t know. Maybe she couldn’t believe I was peeping at her boobs under the disguise of helping her in her gardening. Haha

      • Well, even after you got caught peeping, she didn’t put on her bra in subsequent gardening when you’re around. Hmm… 😄

  2. Some guys have all the luck. I once was waiting for a fren at the mrt station when a mum bend down n talk to her kid. Her breasts are C Cup i think. Big brown nipples. She spoke for a long 2 to 3 mins. I really enjoyed the view. I guess those standing near me enjoyed too.

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