Favorite group?

Just listing some of the major categories here:

1) OL (office ladies) – there’s some charm associated with maturity.. Some OLs dressed quite sexy to work too; short, tight skirts.. Body-hugging dresses are common nowadays.

2) Uni Gers – Causal dressing. Younger than OLs.

3) Poly Gers – Causual dressing. Even younger than OLs, but their bodies may not be fully developed yet. Some still haven’t shred off their ‘baby fats’.

4) JC Gers – Same age group as (3) and switch the short shorts, tees for school uniforms. SAJC gals used to be my fav!

5) Sec Gers – if u fancy really young girls

6) Nurses – One of the favorites in AV movies. Lol

7) Air Stewardess – who can resist the charm of the SIA girls in their kebaya??

8) Police/Military Gers – Ladies with gusto.

31 thoughts on “Favorite group?

  1. During lunch break you can see these office ladies coming out in droves. Oh ya, especially those in tight skirts. It’s not that I can see what’s underneath their skirts,
    but what’s imprinted on their tight skirts 🙂 Some of their skirts are so tight and sexy that that we can practically see the panty lines so clearly. You can even tell if they are wearing grandma panties or low cut ones 🙂

    • Patrick, come to Boon Tat street during lunch time, I am always at this place call FYR. Tell you, there are so many boobs, panty lines, moving around for you to see. Some skirts fly when the wind blow. Its my daily routine… LOL…

      • Richard, where is exactly the place and what time can all these that you have mentioned be seen? what about upskirts, can see also?

      • Oh wow Richard, you are also into this? haha Boon Tat St….if it is that good, I might make a worthwhile trip down there one day. Flying skirts?
        You mean those girls don’t even bother to hold down their skirts when the wind blows them up??? 🙂

      • Richard & Patrick, at Boon Tat Street, are these office ladies wearing tight miniskirts and thus exposed their panty lines, are these office ladies wearing pantyhose and how they sit during lunch time? Do they sit with legs wide open?

      • Patrick, I think I get what Richard is getting at. What he means is that the girls are wearing flare skirts. Flare skirts are skirts which are broad at the bottom and it can be short or as short. when wind blows, the entire skirt will be blown up and everything can be seen. I also love to wear flare skirts.

    • Yes Patrick, I do agree with you. Even when after school, when I leave school in the afternoon, can see those office girls wearing tight miniskirts, can see their panty lines very very clear. Some would those translucent dresses or skirts, that is even better, can see through. would be able to see the colours of their panties or weather they wear or not.

      • Angelina, I have seen a few translucent skirts before. I manage to make out the entire shape of the panties 🙂 A tall girl I saw at a wedding dinner recently was wearing a semi transparent panties underneath her translucent skirt. I wonder what’s on her mind then. haha

      • Angelina, you are still in school? Then I am sure you must seen a lot underneath those FBT shorts. Come on – tell us more!

      • Patrick, I am sure most girls not only secondary school girls, primary school girls or even working class girls, they love to wear FBT shorts and with legs wide open. There are some girls who wear FBT shorts without panties and they don’t even bother if other people are looking…. From what I know, when these girls know that there are people watching or looking in between their legs, they would even open their legs even wider.

      • Patrick Hon, since you have seen translucent skirts before, what did you see? that is nice that the shape of panties can be figured out. Not only panties, can also see g strings too….

    • Oh yea.. Seeing the panty lines is a turn on. There was once a OL queing in front of me during buying of lunch, her skirt so tight and fabric so thin I could make out the laces of her thong! I guess she probably all geared up for sex at BF house that night.. 🙂

      • Once in a while if my gf comes home from work in a tight skirt, I like to grab her tight butt from behind and slowly run my fingers along her panty lines, and pulling up a bit of her panties through the skirt. Since I am not licensed to touch any girl on the street, this is my only option left. Haha

      • Hey Stan,
        By seeing the laces of her thong, how do u know that she is geared up for sex at her bf house that night?

  2. https://www.facebook.com/FYRBTS/info?tab=overview

    This is the place FYR I am talking about. I am not saying they don’t hold their skirt down, but honestly sometimes it happen so fast, you surely will get a glimpse of their colour tv. Tight skirts OLs really a lot walking pass during lunch time. I sit outside FYR everyday and have a beer before I head for lunch. Seeing them walking pass makes me feel very huuuuuuuuuuuu…….. if you know what I mean….

  3. Richard, honestly, its not say that we girls don’t hold our skirt down when the wind blows. If you have noticed properly, we girls will hold down our skirts but it still flies…..so what we do is to let it fly and who wants to see, see la…….that is what most girls will do but there are girls who will still hold down their skirts…

  4. Angelina, yes agree. Think sometimes it just happen too fast. I think women now are more open. They also like to show. Which i truly appreciate. Lol

  5. Talking about air stewardess, anyone of you seen those nude hot pics of Cathay Pacific’s flight attendant Eden Lo? She is one gorgeous lady! Pink tits and sexily shaved pussy.

      • Stan,

        With regards that you mention about Cathay Pacific Air Stewardess, Eden Lo, I have found her photos. Wow, she is really gorgeous and she had pink tits and shaved pussy… I have seen her photos and all of them really make my pussy wet also….

    • Patrick Hon,

      Honestly, seeing Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant, Eden Lo pictures, I feel that her pictures are nice and sexy. She is really gorgeous.

      Are there other Flight Attendant has the same as Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant, Eden Lo?

  6. I thought no nudity is allowed in this blog. I am not so sure. Stan mentioned this before?

    You guys should go check ALL the pics. See how her pussy was shaved differently on two occasions. The most recent one of her pussy being shaved almost bald for the captain to have a good long lick.

    He is one lucky guy to have a pretty chick open her legs wide for him.

  7. There are also lots of nude pics of Singapore car show model Jaime Ang available online. Have you guys saw them too?

    I don’t know whether you guys know anything about some pictures of a Sg clubbing girl circulating around who have her drink spiked and she was stripped naked inside a MPV or SUV. Two guys spent a few hours fondling her naked body and playing with her private parts and taking many pictures.

    • Patrick Hon, Do you mean those Car models? They have nude pics too?
      Regarding SG clubbing girl stripped naked in MPV or SDU, I am not sure but where can be found? I would love to see her private parts…

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