57 thoughts on “It’s white

  1. How many times have you seen her panties so far? 🙂

    I got the feeling that many young women do not really care about exposing their panties in public. Once, I was waiting besides my car and the parking lot next to me was empty then.
    A car soon pulled up and parked it there. I still remained standing besides the driver’s side of my car. A teenage girl got out of the front passenger seat. Her legs was wide open as she got out. She was wearing a short skirt. Her nude color panties was so clearly visible and I can even see the center hemline. She didn’t even seem to bother with my presence, like whether I was peeping at her or not. Haha. Even her driver mum wasn’t the least bothered.

    Anyone here has such a lucky break before?

    • Patrick, you one lucky guy. I do come across several occasions where gals really sit and exposed their panties or even their breasts. I just feel that they are not conscious. Which makes it actually more enticing for me. LOL.

      • There was another lucky break for me when I was on holiday in Penang Island. I was walking alongside a row of cars parked on a one-way lane. As I approached the hood of this car, the passenger door flung open. I was caught unaware. A young lady, maybe around 20, was about to get out. As usual, her legs were wide open, and her skin color panties came into view.
        Her bf has just got out from the driver’s side and was unaware his gf giving ma a free show. Haha.

        I was thinking, why can’t she just wait for me to walk past first then alight from the car? Was it intentional??? Haha, I don’t know the answer. Anyway that girl wasn’t that bad looking either.

        Wow, I must have done something right so far, that God wants to reward me with these free shows. LOLsssss

      • Hi Richard, Indeed you are a lucky that guy that you are able to see under girls skirts. As for me, I do agree with you that most girls will definitely sit with legs wide open and expose their thighs and panty colours. There are also girls who never wear and there are girls who knows that they are been watched, they jujst cant be bothered and instead they will open their legs even wider.

      • Haha, Angelina, come on girl, of course you have seen more than me. Girls are less cautious when they are in the same-sex company, or is it not? I bet you can even see more in the changing rooms at public pools. So, you shouldn’t say: “although I am a girl, I have seen even more than you”. You should be saying: “lucky I am a girl, so I get to see more than you”. :):)

      • Thanks Patrick for correcting me. Yes indeed I see more than you guys are able to see. I can see much more and more kinky stuff girls are doing in the public toilets, pools and etc.

      • Angelina, I am just curious what you are doing here in a site meant for men 🙂 Does any of the pictures here excite you? I thought girls in general do not seem interested in such material.

      • HI Patrick,
        I am a girl and also a lesbian and I like to see girls underneath especially under their miniskirts or shorts.

  2. Angelina, I always wonder, please enlighten me. You are a lesbian, so does lesbian still have sex with man? If they do, do they want to take the guy’s role? Actually, I don’t even really know what I am asking. If you can guess what I am trying to say. Please shed some light. Thank you. Glad to have a gal on this blog man!!!!!

    • Richard, What have you wondered when you see girls in miniskirts or shorts? Well most lesbians will not have sex with guys, but most of them like to wear extremely short shorts or miniskirts or flare skirts. Most of them will not have anything under as I have seen many…..

      • Stan,

        If I send my photos to your email. But you have to promise me few things as I had very bad experiences before.

      • Stan,

        Well, the reason what I tell that I had few bad experiences before is that some nasty guys posted my photos, share my photos and they even send it to all their friends. That is why before I show anyone my photos, I will tell them not to send it anyone or share with people whom I don’t know.

        Furthermore, most of my photos are taken by my girlfriend and most of them cant see face and some are a bit blur. That is another reason why I refused to send my photos yet. Hope you understand that I have been through.

      • Larry,

        well.. I have my upskirt photos. When I was in Japan on holiday woth my girlfriends, I managed to get the chance to wear Japanese Schoolgirls uniform. Their uniform skirts are really very very short.
        Those photos are all taken by my girlfriend and some are a bit blur.

      • Hi Angelina can you share you up skirts pictures you took in Japan with me please, thanks

      • Well Larry,

        But have to tell you that most of my photos cant see face and some are a bit blur as the photos are taken by my girlfriend

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