13 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall

  1. Girls who normally take this type of sensual selfie are feeling horny. How would I know? I chatted before with a girl on webcam who told me this. But as she was so far away in Malaysia, I can’t fulfill her request for sex at that moment. She was feeling horny that night and took a lot of this type of sensual selfies. She was just 19 and has above average looks. She was fair, slim and tall.

    The next day when we resumed our chatting, she told me she has just had a heavy petting with a Bangla working in her apartment premises. OMG! She even show me the love bites that lucky guy gave her!

    • Haha.. Either that guy is very handsome dude, or she’s way too horny that time.
      u didn’t pet with her via webcam that time, to help relieve her urge? 😁

      • I couldn’t do any good on webcam alone. She needs physical intimacy.
        It was just two days before her period, and naturally the big URGE is there.

        I remembered I couldn’t sleep well that night, keep tossing in bed, after knowing she has been fingered, sucked, caressed and licked by a Bangla. Some girls are beyond control when they are really horny.

      • I love it every time she appears on webcam pulling up her nightie to show me the different panties she wears. Like the one in your picture posted here, she likes to tug and pull her panties high up.

      • Patrick, you like girls pulling up their nightie and show u different colours panties? For me, I love doing that too. Even when I wear FBT shorts, I will tug and pull the shorts high up and exposing……

  2. Patrick & Stan, girls who take such photos are extremely which I fully agree with both of you. Sometimes I do lift up my night dress, open my legs and start to rub my down there. Feeling is so good…..For the photo above, don’t both of you ever wonder is it hairy or no hair?

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