When there’s someone else

Last night, my wife’s friend stayed overnight at our place; she slept (earlier than us) in the guest room with door closed. And last night my wife initiated sex with me.

I can’t help thinking it’s too much of a coincidence that whenever there is someone else sleeping in our place, my wife always initiated sex. Lol

It happened the same too last month when my parents-in-laws stayed over. She was even more daring that time. While her parents had closed their bedroom door, we didn’t. Haha.

I recalled a few years back during chalet, the few friends who stayed over were sleeping upstairs while we petted on the sofa with all our clothes off. The petting was initiated by her too. Woo.. Now that I think of what we did that time, it’s kinda crazy! 😆

3 thoughts on “When there’s someone else

  1. Yes, my friend’s gf also seem more in to sex when they have guests in the next room. And she can be quite loud if you know what I mean. Maybe some women want to show off that they have someone to fuck them while you don’t have in the other room. Ha ha ha. Or its just that they feel better used want to show off. Lol.

    • Richard On, well its not the case of the girl moaning loudly is to show off to others that she had someone to fuck. Honestly, when a girl is being F, she will definitely moan and moan. When she moans, it means that she is enjoying and going to have climax soon… Richard, you get where I am coming from?

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