6 thoughts on “Spot the pokies 17

  1. I have lived in New York for a good 12 years, and during summer, the girls over there laze around on public park benches in their mini skirts. Some relax on mats spread over the lawn to read a book. Usually their panties are available for our viewing pleasure. They don’t feel particular shy about showing off their panties. If you don’t really stare at their panties, they are not the least bothered with your presence.

    Most of the girls wear thongs. But I find the lace panties particularly inviting. So sexy yet feminine. I had a few good super clear views at the staircase near the seafront, because their skirts was so loose and short. I keep thinking of them even after I have reached home 🙂

    • Wow.. Lucky you bro! While the Americans are so liberal about such things, I read that Europeans are very more open-minded about showing their bodies (eg co-ed saunas, nude beaches)

  2. Another point worth bringing up is their fitting rooms. In some larger retail stores, their fitting room for ladies is only a hall without cubicles. So everyone is free to look at one another’s bodies. My then ex-gf told me about this when she entered one of these large fitting halls. And, she discovered that most American women have their pubic shaved, regardless young or old 🙂

    • Yea.. From the pics seen online, u can see that majority of the Caucasian ladies shaved their pubic hair clean. I read that they believe that’s more hygienic

      • Haha, I didn’t ask her if she felt comfortable or not among the crowd. Since she only stripped down to her bra and panties and left a few minutes later after trying her clothes, she thinks it is odd that there were no cubicles as compared to HK.

        On our other trip to another store on a busy weekend, we were at the ladies section as my ex wanted to look for new summer clothes.

        Just about 10 feet away, there were two Spanish girls in their 20s. One of them was stripping down to her panties and trying on some skirts off the rack. I was like WOW….they weren’t even bothered with me around. I managed to steal a few glimpses of her white cotton panties, frontal view 🙂 This will never happened in Sg. Period.

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