16 thoughts on “FBT shorts 22

    • Actually, both girls are nice and pretty.. I love the legs of both girls and wonder what is the colour under their FBT shorts. Have you guys wonder what colour is under girls FBT shorts when you see girls wear FBT shorts in public?

      • Sometimes its black panties. Got one girl wear her fbt grey shorts until the curved cut exposed her panties. Her bag also contributed to the zaogeng

      • Neymar, The view that her bag contributed to the zaogeng is a nice view and I have seen more

      • Stan, I do agree with u on the colour that most girls would wear. There are also girls who zaogeng and wearing different colours of panties. I have seen many girls zaogeng in many different colour panties and there are also some zaogeng without panties.

        Stan, do you have photos of girls zaogeng in different colour panties?

      • Neymar, well sometimes it easy to see the colour of the panties. But remember there is a thin lining within all FBT shorts and that makes it difficult to see panties at times.

        But most of the time, I managed to see the colour of the panties…I also do love wearing FBT shorts…..sometimes will fold the waistband till high up…..

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