Spot the pokies 16

I went for swim at the public pool in my neighborhood. As usual, despite the crowd, there is hardly any attractive, young gals around. 

The best view I got was probably one relatively young mother (in her early 30s); her nipples protrusion pretty obvious thru the tube-top she was wearing. Coincidentally the last time I came to this pool, I got an eyeful of another young mother’s pokies too! 

Is it because young mums don’t like to put padding beneath their swimwear, or their nipples tend to be so big that the pokies still show thru (the paddings)? 

5 thoughts on “Spot the pokies 16

  1. Its more arousing to see big pokies than tiny ones. Consider the toll of breastfeeding done over a prolonged period of time, nipples tend to grow bigger and more protuding. I have seen tiny pokies on young girls compared with fairly prominent ones, and I still prefer the latter 🙂

  2. nice to see pokies from girls who wears bikini or one piece swimsuit. I remembered on a few occasions I went for a swim in a public pool and I managed to see a few girls pokies protruding through their swimsuit……some have big while others have small pokies.

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