The signal is strong..

One night while my wife was brushing her teeth in the toilet and getting ready for sleep, I  went nude under the blanket; waiting to give her a surprise when she hit the bed. 😁

Surprisingly before I can ‘flash’, she already knows I’m in the buff. “I can smell you. U (or your dick, she probably means) emit a certain smell when u are horny”, she said.

I was like Wow. I later checked with a female online friend and she claimed she can detect a certain smell too, prior to sex with guys..

Haha.. Talk about male species sending special signal to the females during mating. 😅

5 thoughts on “The signal is strong..

  1. Is this a joke or are you plain serious?? I have never heard any of my many past gfs mention anything about this before. This is new to me….

  2. Seriously???? Hmmm, ya neither have any women said they can smell a rat before. LOL. Honestly, as long as they do the right thing in bed, that’s most important.

  3. Richard and Stan, I have not heard this before. Maybe its her six sense. We girls six sense is very sensitive. I guessed its your wife’s six sense, stan

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