so much details

The teenage gal standing in front of me was wearing a plain, white blouse. The top was so body-hugging and of ultra-thin fabrics, that the impression of her pale-blue bra was super obvious.. Me not only can see the bra’s design prints, lacing but the bra clips as well!

And she’s quite pretty too. Pettie with B cups. Woot!

10 thoughts on “so much details

  1. I prefer watching panty lines on tight pants and skirts, they are more sexy. It gives an insight of what type of panties she is wearing, minus the color. 🙂

    • I like both the top and the bottom. Its amazing, sometimes, they put on those skirt that are so thin, and when sun cast on the skirt, you literally can see their panties and the front shape of their pussy. As for the top, the can see can’t see has always been a turn on for me. Thanks to our Singapore weather, we can enjoy this for many years to come. LOL.

      • Front shape of pussy thru the skirt?? Wow.. I never come across such before though 🙂
        Yea.. always appreciate our hot weather as a blessing in this aspect. Singapore gals generally cover less (on the streets) compared to most countries I been to.

      • Richard, I do agree with you as I am a girl and I have few dresses which are translucent. When walk under the sun, it can see through even the type of panties or sometimes can see those girls never wear panties at all..

        If you look closely, can see the shape of vagina….

      • Stan, .
        Have you see the shape of girls vagina when they wear translucent dresses or skirts?

      • By the way, Stan, how did u managed to look at the girls vagina when they wear translucent dresses?

    • Well I also like to watch or see panty lines on tight pants, skirts especially when girls are wearing white pants or white skirts or shorts too. When girls wear white shorts, panties or tighs, their panty lines can be clearly seen.

      Even when girls wear white dresses which are a bit ransparent, light coloured dresses, or skirts, their panties can be very clearly seen. Somtimes if lucky, can see that the girls are not wearing any panties.

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