7 thoughts on “Best sitting posture?

  1. Since that was your wife’s cousin favourite sitting posture, how many times have you managed to get a peek at her panties? haha

      • I have wondered why most women choose to wear white. 90% of my peeks turn out to be white. But I have no complaints about white panties simply because white offers the clearest view compared with other darker colors. On some lucky occasions I could even clearly see the texture lines of the fabric.

      • Haha.. I have the same experience and question too! When panties are white, it is a greater contrast in colors vs the colored shorts/skirts.. so that works better for us guys. Haha

      • Stan, I have also seen girls sitting like this in public and i managed to peek at their panties most of the time. Mostly, the colour of their panties is white or black

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