Upskirt- a turn of events

Happened during my commute to work yesterday. There was this office lady, probably in her late-20s, walking some 15-20 meters ahead of me in the underpass. Her skirt was relatively short; length till mid-thighs.

As we approached the escalator, I thought I would have a good chance to catch a upskirt since there is nobody between us (to obstruct my view). Alas, I timed my steps inaccurately by walking abit too fast, and the angle of view was no good..

Just I thought I wasted a rare chance, the gal started to walk up the escalator. Gradually the angle of view got optimum and tada! White, tight panties. Heh.

7 thoughts on “Upskirt- a turn of events

  1. Bro, it happens a lot on those steep escalators, such as City Hall. The chances always come when they start to climb or on the final flight when they take a step forward. Good view…..

    • I do agree with you. Most girls like to wear that short and will attact attention. For me, I also like to wear that short. I have seen many girls wearing very very short skirts or shorts going up escalators and seen the colours of their panties… Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, can see something a bit more…..

  2. Hey Stan, can you post any pictures of those Asian corporate girls wearing those tight skirts. They are so sexy!

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