Japanese school girls . Skirts

      Japanese high sch girls in ultra short skirts is nothing new. Having being to Japan a few times, I gotta say this is not a widespread phenomenon though. 

The trend is more prevalent in large cities. Even in Tokyo, the % of these scantily dressed school girls is only like 50%. And interestingly, the other 50% wore school skirts which the length reached till knee level. What a contrast!

But again, encoutering a group of high school girls in those super short skirts is enough to lit up any straight man’s eyes. 😄

2 thoughts on “Japanese school girls . Skirts

  1. Well its a norm in Japan. I have been to Japan for holiday with my friends and we get the chance to wear the school uniform and the skirt is really super short. once the wind blows, imagine what happens? Some girls will hold down their skirts while others will not even bother. I have seen a lot and when this happens, what colour are the panties that the girls are wearing can be clearly seen and off course can see much more…

  2. Well i have been to Japan for vacation with my friends and we had a chance to wear japanese schoolgirls uniform. Their school skirts like what is being mentioned, its super short or ultra short. It’s a nice view when these schoolgirls go up stairs or escalators in shopping malls or when the wind blows, eveythig can be seen… I have seen a lot when i was in Japan with my friends for vacation.

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