FBT shorts 20

   Notti girl should get her butts touched too. Hah

  Nice silky legs
  Incentive to exercise more?

 A good reason to be joining sports CCAs instead of cultural/uniformed grps 

    Ahh.. The good old orientation days..

  Chalet; where gals often tend to let their guard while in the room and thus zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) aplenty 

  Nice, long legs.. If only that knee is not there to block the view!

 Now we have some shoes… -_-“

9 thoughts on “FBT shorts 20

  1. Damn, I envy that lucky guy in the 5th pic. You can tell right away his eyes are so busy looking at something…

  2. Sometimes I wonder, they really have no idea what guys are looking at or its just that they don’t mind “sharing” the view. LOL.

  3. In the 5th photo, where the girl’s legs are being held by guys and I am sure the guys will have a good view of what colour is she wearing under her grey FBT shorts…

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