2 skirts 

While commuting back from work today, there was this young OL (office lady) walking in front of me. She was clad in a tight skirt which is about mid-thigh length. Due to the elastic nature of the skirt, the cloth kept ‘pulling up’ on its own.. and poor gal was busy pulling down her skirt every few steps. Lol

On another recent occasion, the gal ahead of me was wearing this dress that reached a few inches above kneel level. Nothing much to see.. until we came out to the open. The sun shone on us and viola, can see the silhouette of her legs very clearly beneath that gray-color dress! All the way to where her legs split. Thanks to the thin fabrics. 😄

One thought on “2 skirts 

  1. Well, girls wearing short dresses are sexy and especially those dresses that are translucent type. Once walk in the sun, can see very clearly their legs and sometimes if look carefully, can see up to their thighs level.

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