Butt cheeks 


Saw a very similar view as above, while climbing a flight of stairs on a small hill.

The gal in front of me was in her late twenties, and not bad looking too. If only her thighs weren’t that thick (thicker than the girl’s in above photo)

Yet for the amount of butt cheeks exposed, and the close proximity (less than 2m ahead), I would rate the ‘viewing experience’ a 8/10. 😆

3 thoughts on “Butt cheeks 

  1. Next time have a camera ready in your pocket. So you can shoot any pic when the opportunity arises. Never miss a moment.

    With so many tiny miniature hidden cameras available on the market at dirt cheap prices, it’s a big waste if we don’t make use of them.

    Highly successful upskirt hunters create and devise their own shooting method without arousing any suspicion. Even their own wives or gfs right beside them have no idea what they are doing.

  2. Patrick Hon and Stan, i do agree that there are various type of cameras avaliable in the market. But taking upskirt photos of girls, you guys have to becareful so as not to get caught. On the other hand, for me, I have seen and taken upskirt photos too, but to me its okay as i am a girl.

    Anyway, it’s a gentle remiinder to you guys. But the photo posted above is nice but a bit blur, woould be nice if it’s clearer.

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