Short stories 3

Part 3 of the subject – Accidentally seeing friend/colleague/neighbour/relative naked. Stories extracted from forum

Happenned to see my cousin (20yrs old) fully naked when she came out of the bathroom with just a bathrobe covering her… the bathrobe wasnt tigthen and it just came loose.. Saw her fully shaven pussy and blossomed tits !!

This happened recently when we and our relatives all went genting highlands to stay.. i and my few younger cousins were gathering at the hotel rooms chatting… 

my cousin just kept screaming and shouting and rush back to the toilet.. super shy after tat incident… kekeke..

this happened about 2 years back when i was with the female classmate in orchard. her face damn cute, large eyes and a sharp nose. really innocent looking girl w a cute voice. everytime see her would fantasize about her…

so we were at orchard (town shopping area) waiting for another few friends to come. that day her dressing really attracted me. i wouldn’t say it’s sexy, but rather, just so pure and innocent. slim fit tee, with a thin fabric jacket and a white skirt slightly above knee level.

waited and waited abt 10 minutes on the street and suddenly a gust of strong wind blew past (really damn strong like typhoon!)! her whole skirt flew up, and she wasnt wearing a panty! WHOA i see liao damn high. cleanly shaven bush.

Really didn’t expect an innocent girl like her to not wear any panties!


Had a couple massage with a friend (whom I had wanted to make her a fb). It was a Thai massage. One of the last massage techniques was swinging the body. The massage ladies swing our bodies to face each other at the same time. Saw her hard nipples staring right at me! Shiok feeling.
I rem once staying with 2 of my female colleagues in a 2 bed room suite type. One of them was out and the other was bathing. I knocked on her room door a couple of times as I was looking for her, but to no avail. So I open her room door sightly and heard the shower sounds running, but her toilet door was wide open.


not much experience… on the other hand, got my cousin saw me naked in a room..

it was during a relatives event. when everything was done, I went straight ahead to a room and closed the door as I need to have a shower. didn’t actually saw my cousin were lying on her bed. I straightly get naked. she allmost shouted out of shocked.. considering me & her are adults (both of us are 25yo at that time). then she smile and covered her mouth with her hands. ” its ok, I won’t tell anyone… & that was a huge ‘thing’ you got there ” well, i think she had never seen ‘one’ before…

that was about 6 years back. and whenever I meet her in another family events, we always smile to each other… with great meanings…

3 thoughts on “Short stories 3

  1. Well to be able to see girls skirt fly in the heart of shopping area is rare unless you are very lucky. Especially when girls are wearing short flare skirts where the fabric is thin.

    Another situation would be girls wearing translucent dresses. When walk under the sun, that is a nice view. I have seen many girls wearing translucent dress and also I have seen that they have nothing under….

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