Never saw that much

At the relatives gathering, my wife’s cousin was clad in a spaghetti top. Most of the time she dons a tshirt but occasionally she wears this spag top, revealing abit of her cleavage.. I thought, today is a good day.

At one instance I walked over to my wife to ask her something. She and her cousin were seated just side by side. Boom! I was totally blown off by the downblouse view I saw. 

The cousin was watching tv, arcing her body slightly to the front and from the standing position where I was, her boobs looked quite big. It was a surprise as I didn’t expect a spag top that usually offers only a slight cleavage, could translate to that much of a visual treat.. Partly due to push-up bra I suppose as her cousin is max B-cup. I had a good 5-6 sec of looking down at her pair while conversing with my wife. It was the first time I seen that much of her rack; definitely a good day 🙂

 ** almost identical: view angle, tits size and exposure. 

5 thoughts on “Never saw that much

  1. Actually, these days the gals seem to not mind showing off their cleavage. Some try to show more actually. Which in my opinion good for all the brothers…..

    I was once on the bus, when it was crowded and I have to stand just next to a gal in Spag top too, her boobs were smaller than the bra, thus I have the view of the whole real thing. It was a 15 mins ride, so a 15 mins loads of boobs…. Which conclude that driving is boring. Take the bus or mrt…. LOL…

    • Richard, very honestly speaking. Nowadays most girls are so open that no matter what they wear, some parts are exposed and they are not the least bothered. There are girls who wear Spaghetti Strap with super short shorts sleeping in the bus or in MRT with cleavage exposed and legs wide open and through the sides of the shorts, can see very clearly the colour of panties and also have come that thing or not. This is what I usually see when I board the bus or MRT. I am not sure weather you guys have seen?

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