19 thoughts on “Ah.. Cleavages..

  1. my friend had a great cleavage too. it was distracting during our meal together, but always nice to see 🙂

      • yes it was. haha. i enjoy every moment when i can meet up with her. her C cups cleavage is gorgeous hehe

      • her complexion is ok. but she does have fair skin. hahah. i have a feeling she knows i like to look at her cleavage. hahaha

      • yea i know they have this 6th sense. haha. can look la, but must pay attention to her face when she talking. haha. can get to see her black bra under her tank top 🙂

      • hahaa ya, well she likes to wear low cut sometimes too. so eyes can look at her and her cleavage at the same time

      • Yeap! Love to see girls with great cleavage. Always nice to see beautiful breasts. Nice. What do u like to wear to show your cleavage?

      • Yes. I like to see cleavage and bra, especially girls and young women. Always nice to see the bra style and how their boobs look. U seen any nice cleavages n bras?

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