Room for imagination?


A female friend, an attractive-looking one in fact, put this up on her FB status. While the part about the ‘cross’ vs ‘open’ is rather witty I must say, the status definitely leave much for imagination on the sexual aspect.

I always find it interesting the acts some gals do to entice men to have fantasy about them and themselves not minding it at all.

Probably similar to the ladies who know they have wardrobe malfunction but still don’t mind guys looking (eg; downblouse, panties view) and continue doing their stuffs as norm (ie not adjusting her body posture)… or those who posted photos of themselves in suggestive postures on social media.

Not trying to be judgmental here. As a guy, I welcome that of course. And my friend’s above FB status drew a lot of likes & comments; over 80% from the male specimen, not surprisingly. Lol.

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