Almost eyeful experience, almost

Me and my wife went to a new condominium for a friend’s kiddo birthday party. The event was held at the function room located near the pool. 

As expected of a new condo, the facilities are built of a modern, minimalist style.. so much that the toilet sign is hardly obvious and I almost walked into the female washroom unknowing, if not for the fact I almost knocked into a young gal coming out just steps away from the washroom entrance!

The washrooms were somewhat ‘open concept’ in the sense that from outside, one can easily see into the hand-washing area. Upon entering the toilet thru the glass door, which was always kept open, you can see immediately the urinals on one side, with no partions, and a mini sauna room, with clear window door/walls on the other.

After settling my (natural) call, I met my wife outside the female toilet. She told me excitedly in the female washroom, there were 3 Chinese ladies in the sauna, totally naked! (their towels & swimwear left outside in a wash basin)

My member instantly hardened on hearing that, as I recalled I almost mistakenly walked into the female washroom only a couple of minutes ago.. and certainly would’ve saw the nude ladies given the layout of the washroom!

Aiya! If only I didn’t knock into that young gal. I didn’t probe much with my wife on the details of the 3 women in sauna though – how old they are? Figure good or not? Sitting down or lying? 😝

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