The 8 Female Wardrobe Malfunctions Every Bro Loves to See (reblogged)

4. The Nipple Slip

Nothing makes a beach outting complete like a wave inducing nipple slip. Just chilling, enjoying the sun… cccCCCCRSHHHHH! <-(wave sound) Nipple! And they can happen anywhere, too. The other day I was at the store looking at some jeans, and one of the female employees went to lay down a pair of jeans right next to me, and BOOM. Nipple! Does she have the right to give me a dirty look for tittyfucking her with my eyes? Absolutely not. She’s the one who decided to buy a bra that was a cup size too big and flash her nipple in my face. I’m only a man.


I personally find the short article quite humorous and witty.. so ya,

>> click here to read full article

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