3 OLs

During lunch at the food centre, the table opposite me was occupied by 3 young office ladies. Coincidentally, ALL 3 of them were clad in relatively short, tight skirts and their legs crossed, showing off some thighs. Although there was no upskirt, the sight was still abit arousing.. Lol

7 thoughts on “3 OLs

  1. Bro, I am working around Shenton Way. Today when I was having lunch at Amoy Market, there was this girl, who just can’t keep her legs together. Showing off her nice pink panty. I think she might be aware that me and my colleagues are looking at her. But she seems ok about it. LOL.

    • Town is where the babes are. 🙂 Awesome! Yea.. Some gals are totally ok with wardrobe malfunction; good fortune for you and your colleagues then. Heh

  2. i remember i saw 2 OLs at Newton Food Centre. I was sitting across them and i could see their legs beneath the table. Both of them are very pretty, but the one i noticed was super beautiful. Tall and lean with nice legs and body. She was wearing a super short mini skirt ! She opened her legs not once, but twice to swop between her crossed legs. I could clearly see her white (or pink panties). Lucky i never eat or drink anything, haha. Dunno if she noticed or did it on purpose, but it was definitely a good sight 😀

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