Short stories 2

Part 2 of the subject – Accidentally seeing friend/colleague/neighbour/relative naked. Stories extracted from forum


Was watching Olympic at my gf house living room for the past few weeks until early morning. Usually gf will be tired halfway and went to bed. Left her younger sis and me watching. 

1 night she was wearing a singlet top and felt asleep halfway. The gap at her side singlet was quite big and I could see her right boob and nipple very clearly. It is not the first time I seen her naked but I was beside her and had hours to stare at it.

Another night she was in her sleeping dress and her ass facing me. Dress was long but the way she felt asleep exposed her ass. Saw her pussy and ass hole. super hard to focus on the games. 😜


Went to my friend’s house one day, was sitting around the sofa hanging out with my friend when his elder sister, came out of the toilet, holding her clothes covering her breasts only showing off her white silky smooth butt and totally shaven in front and rushing into her room. She didnt see me in her house and I presume she forgot to take her towel. 

After that, apparently my friend told me that his sister quite comfortable with her skin and would change naked with her room door open when only family members are around. So now when i go over his house, i always try to make my way in quiet and see his sister.😆


Another time, there was this girl that I knew since primary school. But only got closer when I was in secondary school. That time she was a very close friend. We almost like spend each day together, eat and slack then go home that type. Then she stay at the same block as me, so we really very close. 

Then there was this time she ask me go her house to have lunch. Cause she cooking miso soup. She was good at it leh, yummy stuff she cooks. Then after that had to wait for her to shower and prepare becoz we going out to meet other friends. Then when she change halfway come out, with her hand covering her tits, with only panties on and an unhooked bra. She ask me help her hook because she cannot do it ._. I was like WTF, but okay la. Tried not to look that much but her figure was devilsh lo. That time was sec 4. Young man liao, have my own desires. Then after that she still ask me go into her room choose what to wear. Then she change with me looking like free show. After she’s done then we left. In the end only stayed as friends, but DAMN now she is a model and I wished I had done something more with her. LOL!


Was sitting at bus stop then came this mid 20s mommy with her child.. Her child came sitting next to me.. Looking at me playing Slotomania on my ipad.. Haha.. Best thing now… This lady squat down and adjust her child’s socks and shoe… Wow… Her spag top opens up and I managed to take a quick look at her exposed breast… At first couldn’t spot the nipple but after some angle adjustment, I managed to see her eraser nip!! Wow.. Good 10secs of clear view…


Had a couple massage with a friend (whom I had wanted to make her a fb). It was a Thai massage; which we changed into the baggy clothes provided (in separate partions) and she to remove her bra prior to start of massage. One of the last massage techniques was swinging the body. The massage ladies swing our bodies to face each other at the same time. Saw her hard nipples staring right at me! Shiok (awesome) feeling.


Hehe, I got a shock when I went to a spa in Baden Baden (Germany) last December with 2 female colleagues, one Malay, one Chinese. We asked the spa staff if we could use swimming briefs/bikini, the staff told us sorry, can we remove our clothes if we want to enter the spa. 

My Chinese colleague thought of backing out but my Malay colleague (I’ll call them Susie and Rena, it’s not their actual names) told her to be sporting, and since the 3 of us are all married, what’s the problem. I think Susie is late 20s and Rena is 30 or 31.

It turn out that Susie has B-cup boobs and Rena is A-cup but as expected for a Minah, this Rena was more comfortable about being naked, and she had a small tattoo on her left breast and she also shaved her pussy (ie no hair)

Susie has a Full bush and hairy, can’t see her cunt slit at all, and she kept her thighs close together anyway. Not like Rena who could joke with me “Hey, you never see before, is it” when I kept looking at her shaven pussy. 

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