Short stories

Extracted from forums

Today theme : Accidentally seeing friend/relative/colleague/neighbour naked


once saw from mirror reflection in a hotel toilet one of my girl friends sticking a tampon into her pussy underneath her bikini before a swim. We were packing our stuffs so she did not really close the door as she thought nobody would see for that few seconds. Too bad for her i saw when i walked over to the toilet to wash some cups

There was this incident many years back. I was 15 then, at that time i was staying in JB. You know the houses in rows where you can see in Taman Pelangi, the back alley of my house was very near to my opposite neighbour, thus from my bedroom I can see my neighbour house clearly.

There was 1 night where I couldn’t sleep and sat on my bed looking out my neughbour room. It was very late around 2am and I saw my neighbour daughter who was around 17 years had just came back home with her parent. Thus they switch on their light without closing the curtain. I saw the young pretty lady undress and saw her whole body naked, who then went to the bathroom and bathe. And all this time her mum who was in the same room was clearing off her make up and the most funny part is her father is also in the same room and act as it is nothing that her daughter is naked all the time. I have a good eye view for around 20mins looking at the daughter walking out of the toilet, changing into her nightgown and finally went to sleep.

After that her parent went to their own room and have a good sex, without switching off the light and drawing the curtain. They must have thought that my house should be sleeping now as there no light from our rooms and thus could not see them at night on what they are doing. How wrong they are. 


Me never really see them naked before. The nearest I got was when I was in sec school and my other cousins were still toddlers. My aunt, who was pregnant at that time with 2nd child, and other older kids brought the toddlers (quite alot as I have a few uncles and aunties) to void deck to play. I was sat on the staircase and just see them play lah. Then my pregnant aunt bend down to hold her elder son. Wah! First time I see her in a sexual way! You know pregnant ladies always wear loose clothings. She bent over and her breasts were exposed to me. Luckily (or should I say unluckily), she was wearing bra. But I can still remember her tits were very very white.


Good Thread to Share my experience… Haha…

I remember when I was in sec 4, i was studying in this sec sch which is super old, there are no doors to the classrooms and some girls toilets have their glass shutters fallen off and not replaced.

My classroom is located near to the girls’ toilets and my seat is by the window, and just nice, the toilet without the glass shutters is just one level down, giving me a good view of whats happening inside.

Most of the girls using the toilet knows of the missing glass shutters and change their clothes away from the opening. I was just waiting for my chance to have a good view.

Finally, my chance came…

As usual, I was looking out of the window one day and spotted this lower sec girl going into the toilet in her PE attire holding on to her school uniform. She left her school uniform on the sink which is at my direct line of sight…

I was so excited… thinking, finally… haha…

without disappointment, she started taking off her top, then her shorts, just like a porn show lo!!

clad only in bra and panties, i thought “ok… now I think she will start wearing her uniform…” but to my present surprise, she started to take off her bra and then her panties….. 

She is now totally naked in front of me!!

She slowly wet her towel and wipe from her face, then down to her neck… 

She does have an ample breast at her age, its already a B+ with pinkish nipples… wahhhh…. like Jap porn lo….

With the teacher teaching and looking at my direction, i cant fix my eyes to the toilet, only taking short fast peeks at her… 

Soon she finished her wiping and started to wear back her white bra and pink panties… 

I’m a happy student that day… Haha….

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