A lean sexy babe


The boobs and abs… 👍 abit more flesh on the arms & legs would be perfect. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A lean sexy babe

  1. All those gym workout definitely took a toll on her body, leaving only the lean muscles. Surprisingly, it didn’t reduce her breasts size. I have seen many workout women with small firm breasts. But for this girl, hmmmm, I can only conclude she must be taking breasts enlargement pills….lolz

  2. There is a guy in the background in the last photo, presumably must be her beau, since the photo was taken inside a bedroom. Another reason I can think of is, she must have let her beau play with her boobs too much. Her boobs is comparatively larger in proportion to her body.

    • Indeed her breasts are in-proportional large for her thin body frame. Perhaps implants? Idk..
      Mm.. when you fondle a pair of tits a lot, you don’t enlarge them.. u also make them swell! =P

  3. The icing on the cake during making love with a girl is her response. Some girls, no matter how good they look, it will get bored after 2~3 sessions if they don’t exhibit a significant amount of ‘turn-on’ response.

    The girl who squirms her body in pleasure, clutches my shoulders tightly, runs her fingers over my hair, hugs me around my neck, besides giving out sweet moans and sighs, makes my cock harder.

    The 4 magic words I have always love to hear from a girl during foreplay: “I can’t stand anymore…”

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