Few seconds short


Saw a very similar view during breakfast at the cooked food center (hawker ctr). Gal is quite pretty and well-dressed.

I was just a few seconds late to secure an empty seat about 5m directly opposite her! Ended up an auntie beat me to it.. The gal was still there, in the same posture, by the time I finished my breakfast and left.. 😔

4 thoughts on “Few seconds short

  1. I did have a similar experience before at a food court. A average looking girl, aged 19-20, was sitting just opposite me at the next table with her bf. She was wearing a short, white tight skirt. Even though her legs were clasped together, her white cotton panties were still very clearly visible in between the gap of her thighs. White color skirts give better light penetration, so the view of the panties is more clear compared to dark color ones.

    My understanding gf who was sitting opposite me knew all along that I was a panties freak. When we decided to leave after we have finished our food, she told me jokingly: “That girl just lost 25 minutes of free show to you”.

    • u must have been gawking for a long time, for your gf to notice! And it’s great your gf is so understanding. 🙂 me and my wife will alert each other too when we happen to see any ‘free show’
      Thanks for sharing.. Good story!

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