Showering girl

The toilet door lock was faulty, and you unwittingly walked in the toilet while someone was showering inside.. Oops.

If you can get to choose 3 ladies of whom was showering and seen by you in all her naked glory, who would she be?

I pick…

 (i) wife’s cousin – young (early 20s) and nice long legs. I do fantasize about her occasionally. =P

(ii) Sara – wife’s friend. Not a very hot bod but very pretty face. I almost saw her nip slip some time back!

(iii) Teressa – used to have a crush on her many yrs back. Has a distinct hour-glass figure and seemingly C-cup tits.

6 thoughts on “Showering girl

  1. sis in law – slim bob, ok boob and nice gap and legs!

    ex colleague – her boob seems natural looking with bounce with non push-ups.

    old friend – just pretty face… seems small perky boob, tight butt

  2. Not exactly in topic but once i was travelling on the bus along pasir panjang and i was seated on a packed after-office hours. Up came this cute girl, very busty, dressed all in white, and her tits were like bursting itis seams even tho she was wearing a high-neck long sleeve top. as i was seated she stood very close to me with her tits inches from my face. omg i was feeling so hot and i almost couldnt resist and felt like chomping down her tits and snuggle my face in the fullness. i was having full erection and occasionally our eyes would locked, and each moment when she looked into me i could feel my precum leaking out.. omg the best memories of a girl.. too bad she drops off before my stop…

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