Sexy sister in da house?

“Really wanna fxxx my sister”, were the original captions from the blogger whom posted the photos.

I’m not into incest, nor able to validate the truth of the captions… but having a family member who goes around in the house dressed so sexily, is undeniably a distraction.

Hmm.. say she is my wife’s sister/cousin/friend who stays with us… Then honestly, these photos would be good fap material. 😜

For the record, my wife wore shorts that short sometimes in the house. But only when there are just 2 of us. Haha..

4 thoughts on “Sexy sister in da house?

  1. My live-in gf usually wears panties only, no shorts, when there are only 2 of us in the house. Haha. Sometimes I admit I get turned on when the panties are those hi-cut type. It makes her lower torso very sexy and seductive.

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