Almost Nude Bridal shoot








This innovative concept started in Taiwan a few years back. While it is not surprisingly it didn’t become popular in the end (mainly due to Asians are predominately still conservative), the ‘almost-nude-bridal-shoot’ did raise a big hoo-haa back then.

Well, personally I won’t mind taking a few shots with my bride. In fact, my wife did jokingly brought up that time, but there wasn’t any known bridal photographer specializing in such theme in Singapore back then.. We didn’t really bother to think much about it either.

I have no issue with the photographer being male. Of course, a female photographer would be preferred for both me & my wife though I would have to worry about the prospect of my erection when I’m naked in front of the female photographer. Haha!

But the photographs would strictly be our private collection. Can’t imagine the horror on our relatives’ faces when they see these sexy photos during our wedding dinner!

So would you go for this pre-wedding photo shoot? After all, we are only young once. 🙂

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