When spouse zaogeng

Guys, do you feel offended when other men are looking at your spouse’s ‘zaogeng’ (wardrobe malfunction)?

Honestly I have mixed feelings about that.
I’m more acceptable if that man is a young, decent-looking chap rather than a middle-aged uncle.
Perhaps because it’s an indication my wife has what it takes to attract young men whom usually tend to be more choosy in taste of women.

Of course it also depends on HOW the man looks at my wife. Lewd eyes are definitely out, and I will swiftly move to block that guy’s view.

It also matters WHAT he’s looking at. Downblouse is fine as long I think my wife’s nipples are covered. Not so acceptable towards upskirt though, whether it’s the frontal or rear panties view.

And yesterday while out with my wife, there were at least 4 occasions where my wife zaogeng (had wardrobe malfunction).

Either showing off her cleavage when she repeatedly bends down; or revealing her panties when she bends forward and thus the back of her short skirt got ‘pulled up’.
Yea.. Don’t ask me why she keeps bending forward that day. lol!

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