A glimpse into the abyss

The young sultry-looking shop assistant was wearing a very loose singlet, revealing a faint cleavage; and a pair of ultra-short denim shorts.

The denim was so short her butt cheeks were showing. Because she is only in her early twenties, her flesh was firm and there was no cellulite. Yet that was not the best to be.

The shop space has this raised platform in the center. The gal’s denim shorts were kinda frayed up at the front thus when she took a step up the platform, a considerable large “gap” opened up at her crotch area and I was awfully lucky to get a glimpse into it!

Oh man, I don’t think she wore any panties! Pretty sure what I saw was the folds of skin/flesh of her crotch, and not of any fabrics..

That night I masturbated to that image while it was still fresh in my mind 😄

True story.


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