6 thoughts on “Mixed gender onsen 3

  1. That’s yubara onsen, one of the biggest public onsen in Japan but you are now more likely to see women wrapped in towels or bathing in yuami today. If you were there 30-40 years ago, you will probably see more women bathing openly in the nude but these days its quite uncommon even in rural japan.

    You are a closet prev like most but your blog goes into the minds of most guys. Its pervy but yet innocent.

    • I’ve never been to a mixed gender onsen but yea.. I do agree its extremely rare for ladies to bath naked in a konyakaku these days.

      Mm.. pervy buy yet innocent. I kinda like that 🙂

      • Its extremely rare for ladies to bathe in konyoku these days even when towel wraps are allowed. All ryokans have female baths and the mixed onsens usually have female only time for their female guests to enjoy.

    • Yup been to a few actually. Degree of difficulty for women ranges. Some baths have unisex changing rooms and some with seperate changing rooms and entrance for the females. Then there are those with murky water and those with clear water. You will also find some that allow towel wrap and yuami and some that strictly prohibits towels. Nope not much chance of meeting a female bather but on the other hand, they are usually quite empty if you go on a weekday. Guess it will be easier for your wife to try mixed bathing on a weekday.

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