Which job for a day?

Say, you can be one of the following for a day, what’s your choice?

(1) Lifeguard – stationed at the beach where there are tons of young, attractive bikini girls. And it so happened some gal almost drowned, and you get to perform CPR on her..

(2) Gynae – with all due respect to healthcare personnels, this is the job which u can get closest to a woman’s most intimate part, literally. Yea.. They may be all pregnant ladies, most of them in late 20s/early 30s.. but who knows, you might just get a MILF!

(3) Shoe shop assistant – Probably one of the best places to catch any accidental down-blouse. Say.. over 20 down-blouse in a day? And a couple of them even exposed their nipples unknowingly (due to their bra too big)

(4) Photographer for nude shoot – Professional; no hanky panky at the set. Just 1 model for the whole day shoot, but my.. She’s really one hot babe.

(5) AV Actor – Throw in a bonus, the theme is four-some. So you actually get to have some kinky sex with 3 ladies whom are not-bad looking, and all having either C or D-cup tits..

(6) Stripper – At a club catered mainly for women. Oh yes, you get to invite a lady upstage during your performance. She’s is in good sports, and won’t mind you stripping her nude or whatever body contact with you. No sex or petting on stage though.

(7) Any suggestion? 🙂

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