“See, my shorts are so loose!”

Wow… I don’t know whether this is considered ‘sexy’ or ‘indecent exposure’. Either way, most straight men would relish on seeing such a sight upclose, while the ladies would’ve condemned it. What’s your take?

But u must hand it to the gal for her gusty dressing.

It’s surprising the boyfriend doesn’t seem to care, not that it’s my business to mind anyway. Haha…
Personally I won’t mind if my wife goes to a mixed-gender bath or nudist beach wearing nothing.. yet this is quite a different matter.
Just my 2c worth of thoughts 🙂

One thought on ““See, my shorts are so loose!”

  1. Well, to me I feel its normal for some girls. Most of my shorts are super short but not to this extend. I am sure most girls wearing super short shorts are not to this extend also. but if see carefully, from the sides of the shorts, when the girl moves her thighs, her panties can be seen

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