Big gap

Was strolling down Orchard Road (shopping street in the city) on Sunday afternoon. Passed by two young ladies sitting at the steps outside a big mall.

They were very well-dressed and wore heavy makeup. The girls were so preoccupied with taking a selfie that one of them forgot to keep her legs closed despite wearing a short skirt.

The gap between her inner thighs was so big I could fit my fist inside!
It helped too that they were seated in an elevated position..
Bleach color cotton panties.

Had a good view of 4-5 sec before she realized her carelessness and quickly closed back her legs. Good enough for me 🙂

One thought on “Big gap

  1. Whao… that is a nice view. Wish I was present to see their inner thighs and panties. For me, I have also seen many girls sat with both legs so wide open and there are also girls who never wear panty under and sit with both legs wide open.

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