About a week back, I mentioned in my post that most local gals like to wear white panties. Hmm.. I guess I have to take back my words, cuz I just seen 2 upskirts over the past few days in which the gal wore black ones. 🙂

One was on the (upward-riding) escalator. The gal, in her late twenties, was probably too occupied talking with her boyfriend or husband that she forgot to cover/hold down the back of her short skirt.
Black, silky underwear.

In another occasion, the lady in her early 30s bent over to retrieve something from the floor. Happened so I was sitting directly behind her. The short skirt got pulled up; and viola – Black panties with white polka dots.
She got a small, tight ass too.

Nice luck lately with such accidental views. Lol

One thought on “Black

  1. Girls panties come in different colours and designs. Most girls like to wear white while others like to wear black panties. there are also other girls who will wear multi-coloured panties.

    For me personally, I prefer either white, black or a mix colours of black and white…..

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