Was having breakfast with my wife at a small eatery. Seated adjacent to us was a small group of teenage girls; all of them were wearing FBT shorts.

One of them was sitting cross-legged on the chair. Naturally, due to the sitting posture, her shorts was pulled up and the fabric covered slightly no more than a normal (non-skimpy) panties did!

Surely the girl ought to know the degree of exposure she’s ‘giving’ to the public? But again, many young gals, like my wife, doesn’t give a heck about wardrobe malfunction (zaogeng). Thus, we men get to reap some benefits 🙂

Nice view to behold.. Thankfully I chose the right table at the start. Lol

1 thought on “Shorts-turned-panties?

  1. This happened very often when girls wear FBT shorts or those extremely short shorts. When they sit in public places, such as fast food restaurants, bus stops etc. It’s true that most does not even bother if anyone is looking….

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