Just walked past an attractive young female jogger on the street.

The lady, in her early-twenties, was wearing a body-hugging dri-fit sleeveless tee that is neon pink in color; fabric was thin and thus the outline of her black sports bra underneath could be seen. No cleavage was revealed but her boobs should be a C-cup or a high-B at least.

The tight-fitting top also showed off her hour-glass figure very well..

Clad in a pair of black color, short FBT shorts, significant exposure of her thighs there was. Shorts was so short a small part of her butt cheeks were seen.. Slender & fair legs.

Her looks was not too bad looking too.

After walking past her, I couldn’t help turning my head back a couple of times to look at the gal.
Been quite a while since I see some lady in the public whom I’m tempted to stalk (so to see more of her). Lol!

She definitely has a body most straight men would love to have sex with.

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