Treat at the pool!

Yesterday morning, I went for a swim by myself at my neighborhood public pool.

There was this young mum (in her early-thirties) clad in a one-piece swimsuit.

Average look and figure, but her wet semi-latex swimsuit was wrapping her body so tightly that her butt crack was like a deep gorge, with no creases on her 2 firm cheeks at all.

On a clearer look at her front… nipples protrusion!
I guessed her swimsuit doesn’t have any paddings at all, cuz I swore that I even saw the impression of her areoles! Wow…

The fact that I was alone, helped in me taking frequent (discreet) peeps at her tits and butt areas.

And somehow I has actually forgot to check out the ‘forbidden zone’. Haha…
Since her swimsuit is so body-hugging, I wonder if there would be a camel-toe… 😆

IMG_9247.JPGThe young mum’s swimwear is somewhat of this tightness, but design is that of the usual one-piece swimsuit.

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