Nothing Notti

It’s coming to 10 months since my first post of this blog. Every time I’m about to make a new post, I can’t help thinking: “Is it going to be a share of photos, or I’m going to write merely words?”

Seriously I think the former would be much more popular with the masses; and I may thus get more traffic & followers if I had diligently been posting (quality) photos, never mind these are in-turn gotten from some other sources online.
Which blogger won’t liken his/her blog to be more popular?

Yet the problem is.. To me, a blog with simply just photos has no soul.

There are already many sites, tumblrs out there which churn out loads of sexy, or even naked, photos of attractive gals on a regular basis.
That is great for us (the highly-charged-hormones males aka horny guys)… but I certainly hope “anything notti” can offer more to the readers than that.

Many times I posted photos instead of writing short articles because I haven’t got time to write..

My site haven’t had an extremely large following. Still, I want to say thanks to all whom have been reading/following “anything notti” :😊

And sorry if I didn’t accede to all your requests. I do work by a certain code 😝

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