Seeing someone nude

Have you accidentally seen someone naked before? Someone whom is of the opposite gender, and not your wife/girlfriend/FB?

The most I seen was a boob and a nipple. It was at a cosplay event. The girl, in her late-teens, was wearing this princess-like, tube-style grown and sitting on the floor for people to take photographs.

Poor girl.. Oblivious to her, one of her breasts had actually popped out when her loose dress slipped.
The whole right boobie (B-cup, methinks) and of course, her nipple, which was brown & quite sizeable, were in clear view to at least a dozen men.
She wasn’t wearing any bra nor nipple tapes..

The gal only realized her wardrobe malfunction like 15-20 seconds later.
And I happened to capture the princess on my camera too. 😝

On a reverse note, I was accidentally seen naked by my female cousin a few years back at her house.

I was in a rush to go to the loo and didn’t notice I hadn’t lock the door properly. As it is usually quite warm in a toilet, I always go naked whenever I take a dump.

At some point the door just flung semi-open and I saw my 20/21-yr old cousin standing just a metre right in front of me. She was shocked and immediately closed back the door. Everything happened very fast; I was simply stoned.. And fortunately, she did not scream and draw the attention of the other relatives in the hall.

After that, both of us just simply pretended nothing has happened.
It helped that we usually seldom talk to each other during the occasional family gatherings.

9 thoughts on “Seeing someone nude

  1. Well, I usually try to be in the situation to see accidental nudity … it happened many times … and I’ve been seen naked .. as I usually stay naked at home … never mind if neighbours can see me.

    • Nice.. When I get chance to be alone at home, I would stay naked for some time too. Like that liberating feeling..

      Not so lucky in terms of seeing accidental nudity of some other ladies though..

  2. The cosplay slip story is my absolute fetish that I cannot find anything for the longest time. It is like looking for a very very rare photo >__< Can you email me at ryunosukek(at)gmail(dot)com? Or at least tell me more?

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