We heard about it. Some of us may have done it before too.

Here is an article by a local (semi-tabloid) newspaper on what some people got to say about sexting.
TNP – Sexting safe

Personally I tried sexting; never once with my girlfriend/wife though, but mostly with gals I know thru online chats.

Yes, I do keep my identity anonymous and not including my face in those photos.

The girls whom sent me sexts did likewise too. They either showed me photos of their face, or their intimate body parts but never together in the same pic. The most I get to see is their tits.

Guess it takes much bigger effort for the ladies to sext photos of their private part..
Perhaps I need to first take a ‘leap of faith’ by sending these girls a nude photo with my face inside, before I can gain their trust.. Oh well..

Having said so, I did get full nude selfies before but I highly doubt these are the girls themselves for these photos come too easy. These ‘girls’ are most likely trolls in disguise.

Well.. I did receive a sext many years back from a female (real-life) friend before. Back then, we were very close and chatted anything under the sun, and that includes dirty chat too.

It is a selfie of her lying on a bed, clad in bra. It’s a pity the photo was kinda fuzzy..

Anyway, girls who sexted me can feel safe I would never leak their photos onto the net. That’s the least I can do in return of their favors. šŸ˜„

So what are your thots or experience on sexting?

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