Accidental nudity – random stories 2

Taken from a Reddit thread

Not really “nudity” but it might as well have been.
When I was in my teens I went swimming in a local lake with a female friend. She wore a very thin white bikini. I jumped in the lake and she jumped in after me. She instantly decided that the water was too cold and climbed out and stood around dock looking at me for a couple minutes. The only thing I could do was stare at her because her white bikini had gone COMPLETELY see through. I saw everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING.
I still don’t know if she was aware of this and wanted to show off, or if she just didn’t realize I could see the intricate details of her clean shaven womanhood though her bikini bottom.

THIS. I’m a WI native and used to go to Wisconsin Dells water parks all the time as a kid. I still remember walking up to that surf simulator for the first time. I couldn’t understand why so many people (mostly older guys wearing sunglasses) were just sitting there watching for so long without getting in line. Then it happened. And again about 15 minutes later. This thing literally shoots girls tops right off their bodies. Boobs everywhere. I was 13 at the time but still talk about that ride today.
Being a lifeguard at that ride was probably the highest promotion you could get. I don’t know how they kept it together.

I used to be a competitive swimmer too. We were starting out in the morning diving in 10 seconds apart, anyway there was a girl in front of me. After diving in her bathers near her crotch area must have displaced so I was basically swimming behind her looking at her honey pot for the first part of the session.

I used to swim with a club 3 times a week. One time just after finishing a set the girl in front of me stood with with a boob hanging out, completely oblivious. I just stood there transfixed until the girl behind me pointed it out to her and gave me a disapproving look.
It was a magical time.

I went to go pick up a female friend when I was about 17. Her mother told me to wait in her sister’s bedroom as my friend was in the shower and her sister was away. No-one really thought about the fact that the bathroom my friend was in had a door that opened into the sister’s room as well as one into the hall. Which is why my friend opened that bathroom door and walked in to grab something from the sister’s dresser completely naked before going back into the bathroom. She didn’t notice me sitting in the corner until she came out the second time, now fully dressed. She said hi and then I got to watch her face as she slowly realised what had just happened. The incident was later used as justification for us going to a nude sauna in Austria. I had seen everything she had already and she wanted to even the score.
And it wasn’t accidental, but family friends had two daughters that were my age & two years older, and they weren’t shy about getting dressed/changed while I was in the room. That was an education growing up.

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