It was white

I was enjoying my coffee in a cafe at a shopping mall. About 5m in front of me was this small group of credit card promoters packing up their makeshift booth.

One of the two young ladies (mid-20s) was in a squatting position as she packed her personal bag.
As the promoter was wearing a short (mid-thigh length) & tight executive-type skirt, she took care to keep her thighs closed tightly to avoid any accidental exposure.

Nevertheless at the instant the pretty lady stood up, I somehow managed to take a short peek into the ‘forbidden’ zone when her legs opened slightly.

White. Her panties is white.
The fact her skirt is black makes the contrast very obvious.

It has been a long while since I was treated to some nice, accidental upskirt view; and this girl is quite pretty somemore.. 😄

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