HDB Voyeuring

Background info about HDB
Singapore is a small, densely populated city state, in which over 70% of the people live in high rise, public apartments called HDB flats.
Many of these flats are built closely apart, and can be as less than 50m away from each other.


What’s the best ‘sight’ you’ve encountered while standing at the window, looking at the opposite block?

A female friend mentioned she once happened to see a young couple getting out of a bed, naked. Wow..

The best view I seen happened at my parents’ place; a lady in the opposite block (of flats) coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a big towel. No doubt she was young (in her 20s) and was ‘parading’ in front of me for a good half-a-min.. but it’s so far I couldn’t even make out a cleavage!

Perhaps I should be spending more time standing at the windows whenever I’m free..

Seriously I think my house is the type that provide ‘free shows’. LOL.
Cause my wife does not wear shorts at home; clad in just a top (without bra) & panties when there are no guests.

Since the nearest block is like more than 100m away, we simply don’t bother pulling the curtains when we change clothes, including undergarments.

As for me, when I’m alone in the house, I sometimes have the habit of simply going around naked if I’m in the nudist mood.
Yea.. I know. Nobody is going to give a damn about seeing a naked man. Lol!

Anyway, like I said, I think our flat is far enough from the next block for anyone to make out anything clearly..
Unless the voyeur uses a bino. Hah!

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