Chatting no more?

Dear reader, if you read my early posts, you probably would notice I haven’t been writing about my 2 net friends, Jesse and Alexis for some time.
The fact is, I haven’t chat with them for the past few months.

Main reason is due to me being too busy. Since a few years back, the only time we get to chat is during office hours, and lately I’ve being too overwhelmed by my work to log online for chatting.

Secondary, I find our conversations aren’t as steamy as before, and often we keep chatting on some same, old topics. I believe the girls feel likewise too..
Well.. I tink it’s already a feat considering we have been actively chatting for the past 9-10years. That is a very long time!

Unless the girls allow me to further encroach into their boundaries; which requires time and efforts, something I do not have.
To be fair, I myself also maintain a sphere that I don’t let them cross into.

Well.. All things have to come to an end eventually. I still exchanged short mails with them occasionally.. Let’s see how things go from there.

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