During my courtship days, me and my girlfriend camped at East Coast Park over a weekend. One of the key highlights was sex in the tent; that goes without saying. 🙂

The first session was in the late afternoon.
As we had pitched in a populated area, we had to close-up our tent fully for we don’t intend to give free sex show to nearby campers or passer-bys. Lol.

Oh my… The experience can be described as sauna. It was freaking hot and stuffy inside our small tent; we were literally dropping beads of sweat. Our bodies were so wet during the make-out that squeaky noise was produced with each stroke I made when I was inside her..

It is truly a ‘fxxking memorable’ (no pun intended) experience!


The next session at night was more comfy, although it was still stuffy as it was a breeze-less night.

We kept the flaps of our tent open for better air circulation. Since it was dark, we didn’t think anyone could see us “in action” without sneaking in close distance, which we would have notice of course.
It helped that our tent opening wasn’t facing the lit-up pathway.

We were also mindful not to open our lamp, as it would cast a silhouette of our naked bodies on the tent!
And exhausted we may be at the end of it, we did remember to close-up the tent before dozing off in our naked state.

3rd make-out session was in the next morning and it was merely petting instead of sex. I guess 3 sexual intercourses within a span of 18 hrs is a tad too much for us.. Haha..

Memorable and unique experience, but we didn’t camp again ever since.
Bed is still more comfortable!

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