My first petting experience

Take a trip down memory lane.
How much do you still recall of your first petting and sex experiences?

While I believe for most couples, their first petting happened in their own houses, mine was in a HDB (apartment) lift. I was sending my girlfriend home and hardly a soul around as it was nearing midnight.

The part which stood out most was the tenderness of a lady’s breasts. Yep, first time fondling of my girlfriend’s boobs.
While I had heard before a girl’s breasts are soft and smooth, nothing beats touching them directly-skin to skin.
I was also surprised then at how fast her nipples could swell and erect when aroused..

My girlfriend unbuckled my belt and jeans top button, and slid her hand underneath my underwear. Man, I thought I was really wet that time!

She did not actually took my package out of my pants. Neither did I finger her back then. Well.. It’s our first time petting after all, moreover in a public area. πŸ˜†

Not surprisingly, that elevator trip took a pretty long time- we kept going up & down between the ground floor to the building top floor, and sometimes stopping at certain floors briefly.
It was fun. πŸ™‚

Subsequently, other public/open places we done petting include: parks, beaches, staircases, buses, on top of a yatch. Never hanky panky in a cinema though we watched many movies, cause always very focused on the shows! Lol..

So how’s your first petting experience like?


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