Less sex

Have been ‘holding to my load’ for nearly 2wks now; probably a new personal record set!

Because for somewhat various reasons on each night, I didn’t get to have sex with my wife. I wanted to reserve my load, or rather my sexual desires for her.
Yet, the urge in me is also getting so much, that I really may just go jerk off by myself to relieve that pent-up xxx.

I recall we used to have sex at least 3 times a week. Didn’t expect we would fall into this sorry state of often not even having sex once a week nowsdays.

Our relationship is still good but somehow tiredness at the end of the day (or night) always put us straight to sleep when we hit the bed.

Perhaps because the novelty in sex with each other has worn off after these few years, and it isn’t as appealing anymore?
Well, our body shapes haven’t changed much; my penis has no problem erecting while her breasts has actually gotten a size bigger. Lol

Maybe I’m just too comfortable sticking to the same 2 old positions – missionary & doggy, while my wife, as always, is simply a follower during sex.
There are reasons why the other postures aren’t that comfortable for us, but I shall not dwell into the details for now.

My my.. We better start doing something to spice up our bedroom lives. Sex is a vital part to a happy marriage.


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